Rainwater Diverters


Roof valleys can cause excessive rainwater and debris build up creating challenges for all gutter guards. Rainwater diverters help hold debris back and away from the gutter guard allowing water to more freely flow through the gutter guard. While this increased flow may help reduce the need for cleaning your gutter guard, it does not eliminate it. Periodically you may also need to clean behind the rain diverter.

Rainwater diverters must be perforated with small holes to allow a more even distribution of water to the gutter guard. The photos above show the rain diverters on two micro-mesh gutter covers. Our rain diverters are designed to disperse water over a wider area of your gutter on an inside miter, helping to prevent annoying waterfalls, or from an upper gutter draining onto a lower roof. There are several types of water diverters on the market and NONE are maintenance free.

Basic Installation

Our water diverters are 3” x 20” and include 6 screws. Concerned about voiding your roof warranty? Simply attach the diverter with exterior adhesive found at any hardware store. The diverters can be installed on either thin asphalt shingle roofs or thick shingle roofs like concrete tile, wood shake, or soft metal roofs. One size fits all and they are easy to install. Click on the link below to order now.



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